Snyder Industries Custom Molding



Custom Molding Materials

Snyders' Broad Material Background Includes

  • HDPE
  • Cross-linked PE
  • Vinyl Plastisol

Custom Molding Design

Snyder Has Various Molding Capabilities

  • All types and sizes of rotational molding equipment
  • Producing parts ranging from 6" up to 15"
  • Broad range of color and shapes
  • Metal to plastic conversion
  • Double wall parts
  • Multiple production facilities

Custom Molding Process

Mold and Tooling Options to Produce Your Quality Part

  • Cast aluminum
  • Fabricated steel and stainless steel
  • Drop box
  • Textures
  • Multiple cavity
  • Multiple piece
  • Secondary cooling & trim fixtures
  • In-house fixture building and mold maintenance
  • Cost advantage over other molding processes

Custom Engineers are available at every location and constantly network throughout the corporation to provide expertise and innovative solutions for every customer’s specifications.

Custom Molding Process

Snyder Offers Numerous Value-Added Capabilities

  • CNC 5-axis routing
  • Leak & pressure testing
  • Sonic Welding
  • Partial to full product assemblies
  • In-mold & post mold structural foaming
  • In-mold & post graphics and labels
  • Mold-in inserts & components

Custom Molding Design

Snyder Offers Various Services & Testing

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Dart impact testing
  • Cross-link PE gel testing
  • ASTM testing protocol
  • Multiple QA technicians at all locations

Custom Molding Process

Formal Quality Assurance Program

  • Order fulfillment & drop ship
  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
  • Bar coding
  • Serializing